Addership's Travelling Circus

The Adventure Continues

deeper into the dungeon

Our heroes survived their first test, somewhat bloodied, somewhat sticky, and continued to delve further into the dungeons of Cloak Wood Hall. As they ventured on, they came across the kobold chief and his elite warriors in the hall’s burial chamber. The kobolds were kneeling, practicing some ritual at a crudely constructed shrine to their draconic deity. Gripping their weapons tightly, the heroes flung themselves into battle with the scaly beasts.

But it was as if the ancient hall itself was against the heroes. No sooner had they waded into the fray then age old traps, long dormant, sprang to life. Darts flew left and right, striking the unfortunate rogue who triggered them. aelA atcraF had more than just darts to deal with though, as he was soon set upon by the kobolds and their pet drakes.

Susan Strong was not one to sit idly by and let his circus mate be left to the mercy of the kobold dragonshields. His great axe swung in huge arcs all around him, and kobolds felt the keen bite of its edge. As Susan drew the attention of the kobold warriors, the ranger Ethel Zellow circled the battle for a clear line as to which to unleash her arrows. They flew with deadly accuracy, and the kobolds knew their feathered sting.

Steely eyed concentration lead to magical fire as Abra-ka-Daniel invoked arcane words. But while the lesser of his kin burned, the fire only enraged the kobold chieftain. The chieftain invoked his own magic, reigning black death amongst the heroes.

Lucan Arvellion Porter knew what he had to do. Lucan drew his trusty longsword, touched his broach for luck, and with his warsong on his lips, closed on the chieftain. Blows came fast, hacking and hammering, with the chieftain giving ground on each strike. And when he was a half second too slow to raise his staff in defense, Lucan’s sword bit deep into the chieftain’s neck, bringing him down to his penitent stance one last time.



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