aelA atcraF

Tielfing Rogue


Name: ealA atcraF
Description: Male Tiefling age 28. Skin on the pink side of caucasian (its rumoured he bleaches). Horns have been meticulously filed down to be hidden under his long hair. Could pass as human.
Hired by Addership as an acrobat/tumbler.
Picks pockets for sport. Robs, beats, and sometimes kills wealthy patrons when no one is looking. Current resident champion of hot dog eating contest.


ealA atcraF takes to his current circus life naturally, as he was born into an evil family of world renowned tumblers and trapeze artists. His perfect childhood of daily pickpocketing and weekly performances was however, shattered with the tragic death of his entire family in a random performance disaster that he somehow survived.

An orphan at 8, atcraF is inexplicably taken in as squire by a wealthy paladin lord. For two decades his frustration grows as the two roam the realm like knights errant, battling evil forces in strange costumes that atcraF feels no hate for. Frustration finally peaks when his master one day changes the house livery to include red stockings and a yellow cape. atcraF seizes a chance to escape and works in collusion with a disfigured jester to fake his own death.
Now 28, atcraF has rejoined the idyllic circus life of his boyhood, casting aside the silly mottled livery his former master insisted he wear for more modest fare.

aelA atcraF

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