Ethel Cattus Zellow

Razerclaw Shifter Ranger


Name: Ethel Cattus Zellow
Description: female 30, normal looking when in human form except for yellow eyes. When angered or scared, becomes cat like.
From a mystical forest land (or is she?).
Hired by Addership as a show archer/catlady.
Can see in dark, very agile and great hearing. Does not trust men very easily. Has nine lives (one already used up)


Adopted in secret at 3 months old by a lesser nobel family with fertility problems, for the nefarious purposes of one day marrying her off for lands and title.

At age 18 is betrayed by her abusive husband Lord Zellow, who has his guards murder and dispose of her in order to marry a more youthful woman of 16. Upon awakening in a ditch, she returns to her husbands place and murders his entire family, guards and servants while they ate there dinner. Only Lord Zellow survived, the hideous claw-like scar on his neck as proof of her intent to kill him. As she leaves the scene of her bloody handiwork, she notices passing a mirror that her eyes have become fierce and yellow.

Now at 30, she is living with a travelling circus in hopes of discovering the true nature of her ancestry, while in continued hiding from Lord Zellow. Keeping mostly to herself while not preforming, she is not uncomfortable when dazzling crowds with her amazing bow skills.
Her demeanor is very cat-like: selfish to a fault, compelled to knock shit off of tables, and has a weakness for all things yarn.

Ethel Cattus Zellow

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