Lucan Arvellion Porter

Half-Elf Bard


Even as a child, he knew he was different…

Lucan Arvellion Porter, half-elf, half-human. Born to an elven father Faeldor, and human mother Cassandra who tragically died giving birth. Lucan’s father loved his mother and could not stand the sight of the half-bred babe after she passed, the heartache was just too much and he would have borne much ridicule raising this, a half human alone. As such, Faeldor gave Lucan to a loving couple (The Porters) in want of child, who resided in the small mountainous town of North Fensdale. With Lucan, he left nothing but his grandmother’s brooch, composed of the bright diamond cluster of his ancestor’s house that held great magic power of its own right, and his harp, in the hopes that Lucan would learn the art of music and thus never feel alone.

Growing up, Lucan being only around humans his whole life and not knowing a thing of his past, was mocked by the town’s children. With his small but sharply tapered ears and bright violet eyes, the other children dubbed him “Pointy Purple People Eater” and treated him like an outcast. One day when he was 10 he ran home to hid his tears of shame stemmed from the newest insult thrown his way, and while sobbing to his parents they told him the truth of his half elven heritage, gave him the gifts his father left, and promised to find a way to educate him of his past.

Lucan’s adopted parents tracked down his father’s half brother, which they discovered lived in a large beautiful estate but 20 miles east. His Father’s half-brother (and coincidentally also half-elf) Eldrin, the spawn of Lucan’s elven Grandfather and a human woman with him he’d had an affair, owned many taverns in the area which made him a popular and established fellow despite his matching pointed ears and violet eyes. In Eldrin’s youth however, he was an accomplished travelling bard, singing his way around the country charming all that fell in his path, providing him many friends in many lands. Lucan spent a summer with dear uncle Eldrin and learned all in the way of magic and folklore, how to be proud of and use the best of both his elven and human characteristics.

Lucan , although he wrote often to his adopted parents whom he loved dearly, aspired to be a traveling bard like his uncle, touching lives with stories and song, and made contact with those whose lives Eldrin touched to start building his network. He brought with him on his travels his father’s harp and mother’s brooch, feeling somehow close to both of them and harnessing both of their races’ best traits everyday. It was through his playing of the harp and charming his way around the mountain that Lucan encountered Addership. One day while both at a tavern, Lucan, now 23, played him a song of rest to help ease his many obvious troubles and Addership convinced him to join his merry band of misfits.

Lucan Arvellion Porter

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