Susan Strong

Goliath Fighter


Wilmont AddershipName: Susan Strong
Description: huge wild eyed man, dresses like a pauper
From the Northern Steppes
Hired by Addership for security and strong man acts
Excellent hand to hand combatant, requires booze to function, full of rage


“Face down in the gutter, won’t admit defeat those his clothes are soiled and black. He’s a big strong man with a child’s mind, don’t you take his booze away!”

Susan Strong laboured at his father’s brewery at the foot of the Northern Steppes as a child. He grew strong and dependable. When his father’s was crushed to death by a keg on his 16th birthday, Susan packed his things and made for the big city. After finding a job as a blacksmith’s apprentice, Susan started a family. As the days grew in to years, Susan grew in to a big mean drunk. Making way for the bar nightly, Susan would unleash his unhappiness in the form of brutal beat downs. His wife begged and pleaded for him to stop.

One night, Susan beat a man to death. Realizing what he’d done, Susan swore off the drink and settled into family life. A full year later, Susan came home to find his family murdered. The man Susan had beaten to death had been the local mob boss’s son. Susan flew into a rage and pummeled anyone within reach, a few of whom happened to be local constables. Fighting for life in prison taught Susan a thousand ways to kill a man with his hands. Susan escaped and Master Addership found him drinking and beating men senseless in a dumpy bar. Addership enjoyed Susan’s particular kind of violence and offered him a job with his travelling troupe. Constantly drunk, and always on the brink of violence, Susan only searches for the peace of death. Unexpectedly, Susan has begun to enjoy the company of the Travelling Extravaganza, and may even come to love his new found family… maybe not that creepy old fucking wizard, that guy is strange as hell.

Susan Strong

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