Addership's Travelling Extraveganza

The Travelling Extravaganza is a circus created by Wilmont Addership that tours the land, entertaining its various inhabitants. The circus is a collection of misfits and outcasts that Addership has taken under his wing.

Prior to the circus’s formation, Addership was working a residency at the Gilded Grouse, a large mead hall in the city of Highrock. He was producing and starred in a stage show of singing and dancing. And while the stage show had gained some renown locally, Addership wanted to bring in new acts and different style of performers, other than the standard lutist or bongoman. The proprietor of the Grouse, did not want to risk such a dramatic change to the show driving off customers. So Addership and the Grouse parted ways.

Addership founded the circus in the 88th year of the Griffon. Most of the early circus acts were recruited from the buskers that frequented the squares and marketplaces of Highrock. To help him run the circus, Addership called on former security and roadie of the Trundling Silicates named Griff.

For the past 11 years the circus has been travelling and entertaining people from all walks of life. They have performed in small towns and large cities, with Addership believing that all people could use the excitement and distraction the circus brings. Along the way Addership has recruited different people and performers that he feels will help the circus, or even perhaps people who the circus will help.

Addership's Travelling Extraveganza

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