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Welcome to the Circus!

This is wiki Main Page for Wilmont Addership’s Travelling Extravaganza. Here you will find all the different locations that the circus travels, and all the different people that the circus meets. Also you will find all the items that the circus discovers on their quest, along with some of the exciting events at which the circus has performed. Who knows?! you may even find a secret or two hidden among these pages!

Did you know?

Wilmont Addership’s Circus has travelled across the land for over 20 years, and has performed for kings and beggars alike?

Wilmont Addership once was in a travelling band called the The Trundling Silicates

In the News…

The Taggart Warehouse, located on the street of Sisters, burnt down under mysterious circumstances last 27 Mirtul. It is unknown if this fire was started maliciously, but there were no survivors of the blaze. The fire spread to a few nearby tenements and shops before it could be brought under control.

Main Page

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