The Trundling Silicates

The Trundling Silicates were a band formed in Nodnol, in the 62nd Year of the Griffon. The original members consisted of Wilmont Addership (lead vocals, theorbo), Erasmus Penderghast (zither), Figueroa Resposado (panflute), Dingy “Pete” Ironbottom (mouth harp) and Thrump-O-Moto (drums). The band began as the house act at the Nodnol tavern known as the Ealing Bebop Club. The band found initial success with its singles Paint it Aubergine and Gratification. It wasn’t long before they outgrew the location and decided to go on the road.

Touring throughout the highlands of Albion the band grew quite a following. Songs such as Sympathy for Lolth and Leaping Leroy Jenkins drew many new fans to their shows. But the travel had started to place strain on the group. Differences in opinion on which direction the band should take soon lead to outright fighting matches, culminating in Ironbottom walking off the stage during a show at Fairwater Crossing. A week later it was made official that Ironbottom had left the band. He went on to experiment in spoken word poetry, albeit unsuccessfully.

The loss of Ironbottom, one of the chief songwriters, only slowed the band briefly. Addership and Penderghast soon took up the mantle and after a brief retreat up to the small commune of dul-Sctimm, they soon returned and churned out such hits as Beige Syrup and Gimme Lodging.

But it wasn’t until the Silicates crossed the Pondian Sea that they really gained fame. This new music had never been heard and their outlandish style shocked the somewhat conservative populace of the Collectivist Bailiwicks. People flocked from miles around to see the Silicates play. They crowded the amphitheatres, and festival fields, all to get a glimpse of the band. The Silicates had to hire a road team, including mages to amplify sound for the show, and alchemists mixing up fire flowers and starbursts to wow the crowd. New songs like Wild Hippogriffs and You Can’t Always Find What You Search (for) took the band in a new soulful direction.

It was at the peak of their popularity when tragedy struck. A concert held at the Altaridge fairgrounds turned violent when a group of people tried to rush the stage. They were pushed back by security at the event, but a short time later a half-orc named Merrek er-Hunt returned to the stage and brandished a crossbow. A securtiy guard on scene saw this and reacted quickly. He parried the crossbow, pulled his dirk and stabbed er-Hunt several times, killing him. This incident left Resposado emotionally scarred, and soon lead to her retiring from performances and the band. The remaining members tried to continued to tour, but missing a key member, they soon decided to break up.

There has been talk of a reunion tour, some 30 years now after the disbandment, but so far, this has yet to come to fruition.

The Trundling Silicates

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