Nagash was the middle sone of Ranotep IV Godsinger. He is known as the Basilisk for his betrayal of his family and the eventual civil war that sundered the Nyphratta kingdom in two.

Nagash, like any middle son, was always searching for the approval of his father. He adventured far and wide, slaying many a foul beast, discovering treasures and lost knowledge, and saving damsels from banditry and brigands. It was one such maid that would eventually lead to his, and his father’s ruin.

During a late autumn expedition through the western marches, Nagash and his party heard tell of a group of bandits holding some local townsfolk hostage. Travelling to their holdout, Nagash soon discovered this group were no mere bandits, but a group of pain cultists, practicing their perverse rituals of tourture and domination. He and his men quickly rode through the hall and slew the cultists to a man. He freed whom he could from the depraveed contraptions holding them hostage, including one young woman named Khalida. She was a stark beauty amongst the grisly artifices of the pain cult’s lair. Nagash was taken with her almost instantly.

From then on Khalida and Nagash were hardly separated. As they spent more time together, Nagash was less concerned with the well being of the kingdom and his father’s approval and more concerned with pleasing his new paramour. Lavish parties long into the night, ornate gifts from accross the kingdom, no expense was spared. But Khalida’s desires soon turned more sinful and wanton. Nagash catered to her every whim. Young men and women started to disappear from villages when his court passed by. Lavish parties soon turned to orgies, with all many of pleasure being served. And it was said that some of the very depraved acts that he once fought to stop, now were performed in his court with himself and Khalida presiding. The cult of pleasure and pain had arisen again.

As the cult spread its influence across the kingdom, fueled by the sweet whispers of Khalida in Nagash’s ear, more and more adherents were brought into the fold of Slaanesh. Noblemen and women reveled in the pleasures the cult provided, if from behind closed doors. Common folk became secret servants at the promise of the release from their daily drudgery. The tentacles of the Dark Prince stretched every outwards. But it did not go unnoticed.

Ranotep IV Godsinger, known for his devotion to the god Hamune-Ka, despised the old pleasure and pain cults. When he was informed of its resurgence, he ordered his guard move against them, not knowing that his own son was at the heart of its revival. The guardsmen arrived at the cultists compound, intending on arresting the members. It soon turned into a bloodbath, with the guardsmen being slaughtered. The cult could hide no longer.

And so started the great Nyphratta civil war, known as the Godwar that would eventual tear the kingdom apart. Nagash was the general of the cultist forces, exceeded in power only by Slaanesh himself. He fought quickly and deftly, and with his secret supporters across the kingdom, soon came to hold large tracts of land. None were more important that the city of Shar Kerrenan, the new stronghold of the cult of Slaanesh. It was from here that power of the cult stemmed. It was here that Slaanesh strode into the world. And it was here that they tasted their ultimate defeat with the imprisonment of their god.

During the Battle of the Dawns, the final desperate push by the king to defeat the culstist, Nagash was slain by his own father, Ranotep on the steps on the great ziggurat. He was interred by his brothers in the cairn of his family, along side his father.


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