Ranotep IV Godsinger

Ranotep IV Godsinger was the last ruling Barrow King, before the empire shattering Godwar. He had three sons, Mubara I Broadside, the eldest, Setra II Icewind, the youngest, and Nagash, the middle son, also known as the Basilisk.

Ranotep IV Godsinger earned his cognomen due to his extremely devote nature. During his reign he strictly followed the tenets of his patron god, Hamune-Ka. He felt his kingdom was a blessing from the heavens, and as such, he tried to recreate a heavenly realm on earth. He was very trusting of his cleric advisors, and often sought out their guidance on matters of the state. His rule was just and fair, but he had no patience for corruption or avarice.

When the cult of Slaanesh resurfaced during his reign, he tried to move quickly against them. But unbeknownst to him, the cult had already many adherents, including his son Nagash. The ensuing conflict between father and son quickly engulfed the kingdom, as loyalties were split, and families shattered.

Ranotep was forced to confront his son directly during the Battle of the Dawns, the penultimate fight of the Godwar. They met on the battlefield, and after dueling for over an hour, Ranotep was able to drive home his spear, felling Nagash. His heart heavy with grief at the killing of his own son, Ranotep held Nagash in his arms as his life’s blood spilled from his chest.

With the tide of the battle turning, the Avatar of Slaanesh himself strode the battlefield. Ranotep laid the body of his son aside, and leapt at the Dark Prince, anger taking over his usual stoic demeanor. The two clashed, with the melee stopping around them to witness this battle between heroes. But it was Ranotep who would now taste the cold steel of death. Slaanesh had slain the king. Ranotep’s sacrifice was not in vain, however, as with his delaying tactics, the Nyphratta mages were able to finish their spell, imprisoning Slaanesh with the power of the El Hulud Ararnak.

Ranotep IV Godsinger, and his son Nagash were interred in the Cairn of the Barrow Kings.

Ranotep IV Godsinger

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