Yukon Cornelius

A boisterous dwarf from the small prospecting town of Evergreen, Yukon is a friend of Wilmont Addership and has helped him and his Performateers on various occasions.

Once such incident arose during the Wintereenmas festivities that were celebrated in the town. Several of the towns denizens were heinously murdered. It was tasked to the Performateers to solve the mystery. After interrogating several townsfolk, and a close brush in with an abominable snowman that required some lyrical fortitude, it was discovered that the murders had been committed by a crazed former militia man known as Old Man Wyntyr.

Cornelius and the Performateers confronted Wyntyr, but he soon set on them with his paindeer and chritsmas treemen. After a grim battle that saw Cornelius bravely save his comrades while putting his own self in harms way, the Performateers were able to subdue Wyntyr.

Since all that excitement, Cornelius has settled down to a more peaceful and mundane existence.

Yukon Cornelius

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